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Kanishk Tantia

I write code and stories. Thanks for visiting!


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I'm an immigrant from India. I dabble in programming and writing, and currently live in San Diego, CA with my long term partner, and the best dog in the whole world!• He/Him/His
• S.E. 2 @ Microsoft
• Writer
• Active SFWA Member


I currently work with the awesome team at Microsoft CSE, helping build cool projects and tackle interesting problems.I'm not currently open to other jobs.


A listing of all my writing credits in publication order.
Many are free to read online, so please, take a look!
All proceeds from my work are donated to non-profit organizations.

Published: 2023

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A story about immigrant blood, sweat, and tears. Especially blood.
Available for Purchase
Flametree Press, May, 2023

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The brain lives on, and so does my grief.
Available for purchase
Dark Matter Ink, April 2023

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Sometimes, the fruits eat you instead.
Available for purchase
Flametree Press, April 2023

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How far would you go for acceptance?
Free to read online
Dread Machine, March 2023

Published: 2022

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Inspiration resides in the strangest places
Free to read online
Solarpunk Magazine, November 2022

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100 words about how much I like brownies.
Free to read online
Fairfield Scribes, September 2022

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Delicious cookies, easy to make, guaranteed weight loss.
Free to read online
Deathcap and Hemlock, August 2022

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All proceeds from my writing go to non-profits.

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